What is arbitration and how does it work?

What is arbitration and how does it work?

It is a process which two sides agree to use instead of going to court. It works like court, with an independent arbitrator ruling on the claim and requiring a remedy where the law has been breached.


What is the IPSO scheme?

It is a low cost arbitration process designed specifically to rule on media law disputes. An expert barrister will impartially rule on the claim. Fees are kept low, and a ruling can be made more quickly than going through the courts. It is only available against participating publications.


What are the advantages of using arbitration to resolve a legal dispute?

1. It’s low cost – £100.

2. It helps to keep other costs down.

3. Its quicker than court.

4. It reduces inequality as it puts you and the newspaper on an equal footing.


Can I use low cost arbitration for my claim?

1. Look at the types of claim that can be made under the scheme to see if your claim is eligible.

2. Check whether the publisher is participating.

3. Look at the process (see infographic opposite).

If you would like to inquire about arbitrating a claim download an inquiry form and send to arbitration@ipso.co.uk