Complaints from children

We recognise the right of children to seek redress where they are concerned about published materials but must respect their welfare.

We will accept all complaints submitted by anyone over 18, and will generally accept complaints from anyone over 16 unless there are exceptional circumstances which require additional caution, where we will also seek the consent of a parent or adult with parental responsibility.

If a complainant is under 16, we will contact their parent or guardian to make sure they are aware the child has made a complaint and obtain their written consent to take that complaint forward. If we are not able to obtain consent we will be unable to deal with the complaint.

If a child's complaint is taken forward, we will forgo the referral period (where the newspaper has an opportunity to resolve the complaint directly with the complainant) and and move straight to investigation.

If a child wants to accept an offer of resolution we will seek the consent of the adult with parental responsibility. Likewise,  before putting the complaint before the Complaints Committee for a published ruling we will seek the consent of the responsible adult.