Global digital publishers

IPSO's regulations define what a global digital publisher is and set out what foreign, online content may be outside of IPSO’s jurisdiction at page 2. They state:

2. With respect to material published online by a Regulated Entity designated by the Regulator as a Global Digital Publisher in accordance with Regulations 85-90, the Regulator shall have jurisdiction to regulate such content when one of the following criteria applies:

2.1 The content relates to events within the UK.

2.2 The content concerns a UK national or resident of the UK at the time ofpublication who is directly and personally affected by the alleged breach of the Code, save that the Regulator shall have jurisdiction to consider a complaint brought under Clause 1 of the Code (Accuracy) which meets the terms of Regulation 8 (c), provided that it concerns a UK national, a resident of the UK, or a UK institution.

2.3 The content is based on material that has been published in a UK print title within the Global Digital Publisher’s group.

The following publishers have been recognised as global digital publishers under IPSO's regulations (see 89 to 93, page 15 for criteria):

News UK

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