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The Editors' Codebook

The Editors' Codebook is prepared and published by the Editors' Code of Practice Committee

It acts as a handbook that sets the Editors' Code in context and highlights best practice and key adjudications made by IPSO. It is intended to help members of the public considering making a complaint, and editors facing a difficult decision on a story which might give rise to a breach of the Code, by providing examples of how IPSO has approached similar cases in the past.

IPSO was consulted during its production but is not bound by the advice it contains because each case is considered on its merits and IPSO remains the final arbiter of how the Code should be interpreted. IPSO is also not bound by the decisions of its predecessor, the Press Complaints Commission, but PCC cases are included where they are still relevant.

If you would like copies, please contact the Editors' Code Committee for further details.

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