Equality, diversity and inclusion

IPSO is reliant on the skills of its people to deliver an equal, diverse and inclusive service, so we draw talent from the widest possible pool, and ensure staff within the organisation feel supported, and have a sense of belonging. Read more about our efforts to ensure a fair and inclusive recruitment process and working culture.

IPSO plays a vital role in upholding and advancing high professional standards in the UK press. In an ever-changing world and press landscape, the need for fair, impartial objective support is incredibly important. Creating and maintaining an equal, diverse and inclusive service is vital for those who feel wronged by the press. It is also critical for organisations to foster internal working cultures where individuals are, safe, seen and empowered to do their best work.

IPSO is reliant on the skills of its people to deliver high quality services, so we are committed to drawing this talent from the widest possible pool, and that those within the organisation feel supported, and have a sense of belonging.

Equal opportunities in recruitment

We’re committed to being a diverse and inclusive organisation. Diversity within teams is crucial to organisational understanding and performance. We commit to being proactive in recruiting teams with differing experiences, perspectives and approaches. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, disability, gender reassignment, gender identity or expression, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, race (including colour, nationality, ethnic and national origin), religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.

How we are achieving this:

  • We advertise through different mediums to appeal to a broad demographic of potential applicants
  • We are introducing anonymised application recruitment and a diversity monitoring survey for all applicants
  • Inclusive recruitment training has been given to those with recruitment responsibilities
  • Senior managers are responsible for meeting our Diversity and Inclusion objectives including encouraging a workplace and culture where all can thrive

Working for IPSO

We ensure that through continued education and conversation that once recruited, all people feel safe and able to provide their perspective and be encouraged to do so. IPSO fosters a culture where staff are encouraged to bring their whole selves to work, and feel included and recognised.

We are achieving this through:

  • Flexible working hours and a hybrid working model for all employees
  • Offering all staff inclusion and diversity training
  • An internal EDI Committee, who help to implement our EDI goals and commitments
  • An organisational inclusion policy
  • Transparency in pay banding across the organisation
  • Celebrating an EDI event every quarter
  • Staff wellbeing and engagement activities

Career development

IPSO supports individual career development. All vacancies are advertised internally to give staff the opportunity to develop their careers. A number of our line managers and senior management team including our Chief Executive have benefited from internal promotions.
We also offer the prospect for all staff to benefit from learning and development opportunities. Our staff are encouraged to request training that will benefit them in their career, and we also provide internal opportunities for growth. This has included quarterly professional development workshops, and wider training activities that all staff have benefited from. You can read more through our staff testimonials.