Emily Houlston-Jones, Head of Complaints


1. What is your role at IPSO?

I’m Head of Complaints – I oversee IPSO’s complaints investigations and our pre-publication and privacy notice services, working to ensure that IPSO’s complaints handling and advice services are efficient, understandable, and thorough.

2. What brought you to IPSO?

I didn’t have any professional experience in journalism or regulation before I joined IPSO, but when I came across the job advert I thought it sounded like a really interesting job that would give me the chance to make a positive impact. Before I worked at IPSO I was a peripatetic library assistant for a local library service in Wales, so it was a very big change – but a really rewarding one!

3. What do you like about working at IPSO?

I’ve loved my various roles in the Complaints team – I first joined as a Complaints Officer, before becoming a Senior Complaints Officer then Head of Complaints – because no two days are ever the same. One day I could be researching an obscure piece of legislation as part of a Complaints investigation, before switching gears and talking to a member of the public to advise them how to deal with contact from a journalist. I also love working at a relatively small organisation – it means I get to feel like my decisions have a real impact on the work we do.

4. Why would you recommend IPSO to others?

I think a job at IPSO is ideal for someone who wants their work to have an impact, and not just feel like a cog in the machine – even from my very first day, I felt like my input and opinion was valued. It’s also an incredibly interesting job, and interesting jobs attract interesting people – which has been proven by the people I work with!

5. Comments about IPSO’s benefits and EDI policy.

The best thing about how IPSO approaches EDI is that all parts of the organisation are involved – from the staff, to the Board, the Complaints Committee, and the Appointments Panel. It means that people from across IPSO have a voice in how we approach EDI, which I think is crucial.