IPSO Blog: Five reasons to join IPSO

Communications and Public Affairs Officer Hanno Fenech explains some of the key benefits of IPSO membership.

IPSO is the largest and most recognised regulator of the UK press, encompassing a wide variety of print and online titles including national newspapers, almost all local newspapers and many magazines − from household names like Vogue and The Spectator to small specialist publications like Whiskey Magazine, Practical Boat Owner and Love Patchwork and Quilting. 

Publishers who have recently joined us include Nub news, a network of online hyper-local news sites reporting from across towns in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Lincolnshire. 

IPSO membership offers many benefits: 

  1. Membership of the largest regulator of magazines in the UK.

As a part of IPSO, publishers know they are in the company of the most notable names in UK publishing. 

  1. Distinguishing a publication as a quality product accountable to and trusted by readers.

In an era of fake news, disinformation and alternative facts, IPSO membership distinguishes publications willing to be held accountable by an external regulator for their editorial content. Publications regulated by ISPO are able to display the IPSO Mark, a symbol of their accountability and commitment to professional standards. 

  1. Demonstrating commitment to the highest standard of journalism.

When magazines join IPSO, they must adhere to the Editors’ Code of Practice. The Code is a highly-respective and authoritative set of rules about how the press should conduct themselves, enforceable by IPSO through a publisher’s contractual obligation. 

  1. 24-hour non-binding pre-publication advice and access to specialist training.

With near-instant reader feedback now possible via the internet, getting it right the first time is ever more important. IPSO draws on our complaints expertise to advise editors and journalists how to manage difficult editorial issues before publication, offering 24-hour non-binding pre-publication advice. IPSO members benefit from bespoke newsroom training which can be specifically tailored to their needs. We can also provide support to develop complaints handling processes, something that smaller publishers in particular find very useful. 

  1. Experienced, fair complaints handling and support.

With considerable knowledge and a wealth of experience in complaints-handling, IPSO’s team ensure publishers and complainants get a fair hearing. Sometimes, particularly in fraught and challenging situations, IPSO’s involvement as a neutral third party mediating between the parties makes a critical difference in complaint resolution. 


Find out more about IPSO membership here or contact Rosemary Douce, Standards Officer on 0300 123 2220 or email rosemary.douce@ipso.co.uk. 


Originally published 21 November 2019.