IPSO Blog: IPSO supports Ukraine and the fundamental right to free expression of all peoples

Chief Executive Charlotte Dewar issues a statement of support for Ukraine and writes about the importance of journalism and free expression in this conflict

IPSO joins our partner organisations across Europe and the world in utterly condemning the invasion of Ukraine and standing in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and with those who are risking their lives to bear witness to the events there.    

As the regulator of the majority of the UK press, IPSO is committed to protecting and advocating for the free flow of accurate, independent news. 

Free expression and the availability of accurate, timely information about what is happening on the ground are under extreme threat; maintaining the flow of accurate information about what is happening in the war zone is only possible because of journalists and citizens putting themselves in danger to report what they are seeing, hearing, and feeling on the frontlines. 

The rights of journalists to report in war zones are long established in international humanitarian law and have been unanimously adopted by the U.N. Security Council and must be respected in this conflict.   

While unprovoked military aggression now puts thousands of journalists and millions of people at mortal risk in Ukraine, there are further threats to free expression through censorship and information suppression, including in Russia. 

Protecting journalists protects the fundamental right to free expression. IPSO stands in solidarity with the journalists and people of Ukraine, on the front lines and around the world.   

Published 4 March 2022