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IPSO has recently revamped the training section of its website, bringing together all its guidance for editors and journalists. IPSO ‘s guidance – which focuses on how the Editors’ Code is applied – covers a range of topics including reporting of deaths and inquests, use of social media and court reporting. 

Alongside IPSO’s Code Guidance, we also have links to guidance offered by external organisations interested in the reporting of particular topics. Covering a wide range of issues including domestic abuse, reporting of suicide and mental health, these are useful resource for journalists wishing to cover a sensitive or difficult topic. 

We regularly update this section, so if you represent an external organisation and you would to be added to IPSO’s list of resources then please do contact our Standards department via rosemary.douce@ipso.co.uk. 

IPSO can support all regulated publishers, large or small, with bespoke newsroom training on the Editors’ Code and how to handle complaints effectively for editors, managers and for journalists. Our training provides more information about IPSO, explains our complaints process, and highlights key decisions by the Complaints Committee, so that editors and journalists can understand how IPSO approaches difficult issues. For more information, or to arrange training, contact Jane Debois, Head of Standards and Regulation. 

IPSO offers editors and journalists from regulated publishers non-binding advice on the Editors’ Code or the public interest, if they have any concerns about articles prior to publication. Complaints Officers can be contacted to discuss Code issues during office hours via 0300 123 2220. Out of hours, where necessary, a Complaints Officer on duty can be contacted via 07799 903 929. 

Published 23 May 2022