New Guidance on Due Prominence Published today

The guidance describes the meaning of 'due prominence' and explains how IPSO determines the due prominence of a correction or adjudication

IPSO has today released new guidance on where corrections, clarifications, and adjudications should be placed in printed media for journalists and editors. 
The Editors’ Code of Practice, the 16-clause set of rules written and administered by the Editors’ Code Committee and enforced by IPSO, states that corrections to significant inaccuracies must be published “with due prominence”. 
The guidance seeks to describe the meaning of ”due prominence” as well as explain how IPSO determines the due prominence of a correction or adjudication when it is required by IPSO as part of a finding against a publication. 
Decisions about due prominence are highly specific to the individual circumstances of each case. In this guidance, IPSO sets out the principles that guide our general approach to deciding the prominence of a correction, but it is not prescriptive. To help illustrate this point, a variety of case studies have been included to showcase how the context of an article can affect any corrections or adjudications that arise as a result of its publication. 
Although this guidance only covers print media, further advice will be released on online due prominence next year. 
Download a copy of the due prominence guidance here: 

Published 15 December 2022