Press regulator issues new information for the public on children

IPSO has today issued new information for parents, guardians and other members of the public who may be concerned about reporting which includes children

It explains the specific rules in the Editors’ Code of Practice that safeguard children and their welfare, including those relating to interviewing a child, publishing photographs of children, how children’s privacy is protected, and the specific protections in place for children involved in criminal trials. 

Supporting the public and upholding high standards of journalism is integral to IPSO’s work. The new information follows previous guidance on court reporting, reporting on a death and use of information from social media, which all aim to support people to understand the rules which the press must follow and to know where to seek help if they need it. 

Charlotte Urwin, Head of Standards, said: 

“There is often confusion about what the media can and can’t print when it comes to children. This new information will support the public to understand some of the questions we are often asked about this topic and explain how IPSO can help.”

Published 24 January 2019