Response to Hacked Off’s report “White Supremacism, the press and the absence of regulation”

IPSO rejects any assertion that lack of regulation is responsible for the spread of material on white supremacist internet forums.

IPSO robustly and transparently investigated five out of six complaints cited in this report (and received no complaints about one article). It upheld three and required sanctions, all of which appeared further forward than the original article, including one which was referenced on the front page of the newspaper in question. 

The report inaccurately states that IPSO did not take forward complaints about a column in the Sun; in fact, IPSO investigated the complaint and issued a public ruling setting out the reasons it was not upheld. 

As the independent regulator of most newspapers and magazines in the UK, IPSO holds publishers to account under the high standards of the Editors’ Code. This is in stark contrast to social media and online forums, which are unregulated and offer no form of independent regulation or redress. 

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Originally published 3 November 2020.