Sarah Baxter joins IPSO’s Complaints Committee

Sarah was appointed as an individual with recent senior editorial experience in national newspapers

A prominent journalist and editor, she is a past deputy editor of The Sunday Times, editor of The Sunday Times Magazine, Washington correspondent at The Sunday Times, and political editor of the New Statesman, among other roles. 

She is currently director of the Marie Colvin Center for International Reporting at Stony Brook University, which is part of the State University of New York.   

IPSO’s Complaints Committee rules on potential breaches of the Editors’ Code of Practice and decides on what a newspaper or magazine should do if the Code has been breached. The Committee has 12 members including its Chairman, Lord Faulks. The Committee has a lay majority of seven and includes five members with recent senior editorial experience within IPSO’s regulated sectors.   

Speaking on her appointment to the Complaints Committee, Sarah Baxter said:  

“In my view freedom of the press and responsibility go together and it will be a privilege to contribute towards upholding press standards as part of IPSO’s Complaints Committee.”   

Of her appointment, IPSO Chairman Lord (Edward) Faulks KC said:   

“We are delighted Sarah Baxter is joining IPSO’s Complaints Committee. Her vast experience as both an editor and as a journalist doing original reporting on challenging subjects will provide a unique perspective to IPSO’s rulings on editorial standards issues.”  

IPSO’s Chief Executive, Charlotte Dewar, said Sarah would bring valuable and broad experience to the committee:   

“Sarah’s record as an editor and journalist speaks for itself, and I’m delighted that she is joining us.”  

IPSO’s Complaints Committee has a majority of lay members who have no connection to the newspaper or magazine industry. If the Committee rules that the Code has been breached, the publication of a correction may be needed to remedy the breach, among other remedial measures.   

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Published 23 November 2023