IPSO Blog: Get complaints statistics in almost real time

Systems and Office Manager Tonia Milton on our new complaints statistics tool, which will allow people to get even more information and insight into the cases we deal with day to day.

We pride ourselves on being open and transparent in all aspects of our work. As the independent regulator of the majority of the UK’s newspapers and magazines, it’s vital our actions and processes are clear and visible. 

Our Annual Report and the Annual Statements we require from our regulated publishers set out the number of complaints we receive every year and how they are dealt with, but we wanted to give people the opportunity to access more detailed, up-to-date information about the complaints we are dealing with, and to be able to use that data in their own analysis and work. 

You can now search complaints statistics on our website in almost real time. The figures available are accurate up to a point of three months prior (to accommodate for our review process and checking to ensure that the data is accurate). You won’t be able to see information on any cases still under investigation, or those cases relating to non-regulated publications, but statistics can be found on all other cases. 

Users will be able to make searches by the complaint outcomes, by publication and by clauses of the Editors’ Code. For anyone who’s particularly into statistical data, results can be exported into an Excel spreadsheet for you to make you own comparisons and tables. 

We will, of course, continue to publish the Complaints Committees rulings as well as details of the complaints resolved by IPSO mediation. Incidentally, these can also be searched by publication, complaint outcome and date. This means that you are able to see, for example, all rulings relating upheld complaints under Clause 1 (Accuracy) in 2017. 

We hope our new statistics tool will allow people to get even more information and insight into the cases we deal with day to day and make it easier for people to make accurate comparisons of our complaints outcomes. 

You can access our ruling statistics here. If you do have any questions or comments about the new tool or our statistics please contact us via email on advice@ipso.co.uk