IPSO Blog: Journalism Matters Week 2021

Senior Policy & Communications Officer Hanno Fenech on Journalism Matters Week 2021 


This week is Journalism Matters week, a campaign which has highlighted the vital role trusted news media and journalism play in society. It has been an opportunity for news organisations and journalists to showcase the ground-breaking and important contributions their work has provided this year. It is also an opportunity for awareness raising and campaigning on behalf of freedom of expression and the necessity of ensuring a sustainable future for journalism in the UK.  

Particularly as the Covid pandemic continues to alter the way we live and work, Journalism Matters Week is an opportunity to differentiate the accurate, accountable public health messaging carried by reputable news publishers as opposed to unregulated, unaccountable information circulating on social media. The need for trusted, reliable journalism has rarely been greater, and Journalism Matters Week has been the perfect opportunity to share that message with the wider public.  

This year news publishers across the country have spoken of the unprecedented times for journalism and the necessity of ensuring journalism in the UK continues in its diverse and enriching forms: holding the powerful to account, entertaining, shocking and otherwise informing news readers about the myriad goings on in the world around them.   

IPSO continues to play a critical role in supporting accountable, regulated journalism. As the regulator of the majority of British newspapers, magazines and associated news websites, IPSO upholds the high editorial standards under the Editors’ Code of Practice. IPSO regulated publishers must comply with the high standards set by the Code. Where mistakes are made, IPSO members are accountable to their readers through IPSO’s complaints process making corrections, clarifications or otherwise addressing the matter raised. By upholding the high standards of the Editors’ Code, IPSO works to promote trust and accountability in journalism.  

Journalism Matters Week runs from November 1-7, 2021. More information can be found here.