Guidance for journalists and editors

IPSO is committed to acting as a resource for journalists and editors. One way in which it does this is by producing guidance for journalists and editors on particular topics or Clauses of the Code.

The Editors’ Code of Practice sets the framework for the highest professional standards for journalists. IPSO recognises that there are some situations where it is helpful for IPSO to produce guidance which explores in more detail how the Editors’ Code applies to particular themes or issues. The guidance does not replace or supersede the Editors’ Code, but is designed to support editors and journalists. The guidance also does not limit or restrict editorial decision making, but may inform that decision making.

This guidance is aimed at editors and journalists. However, it may also be helpful to members of the public who are interested in the particular topic.

This page will develop as IPSO’s work to produce guidance develops.

Guidance on researching and reporting stories involving transgender individuals

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