Major incidents guidance

This guidance explains how the Editors' Code applies to the reporting of major incidents.

Please note this guidance was published November 2019.


Relevant Clauses

Clause 1 - Accuracy
Clause 3 - Harassment
Clause 4 - Intrusion into grief or shock
Clause 6 - Children
Clause 7 - Children in sex cases
Clause 9 - Reporting of Crime
Clause 11 - Victims of sexual assault

Link to the Editors' Code

External resources

The DSMA Notice System provides advice and guidance to the media about defence and security information, the publication or broadcast of which would damage national security, critical national infrastructure or endanger lives. The system is voluntary and has no legal authority. The final responsibility for publishing or broadcasting rests solely with the editor, journalist or publisher concerned. (24/7 contact) or phone 020 7218 2206

Victim Support is a charity in England and Wales which supports people who have been affected by a crime or traumatic event. They are one of the biggest providers of Independent Domestic Violence Advocates (IDVA) services across England and Wales. or phone 020 7268 0202 (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm)

Victim Support Scotland is a Scottish charity which supports people who have been affected by a crime. Due to the confidential and sensitive nature of their services, VSS is unable to provide information or comment on individual cases, nor can they comment on court decisions.

Carol Eden-Head of Communications and External Affairs-07551-371444


Further support

The IPSO podcast has an episode covering major incidents:

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