Transgender guidance

This guidance provides editors and journalists with a framework for thinking through issues around the reporting of transgender issues and includes examples of relevant decisions by IPSO’s Complaints Committee.


Relevant Clauses

Clause 1 - Accuracy
Clause 3 - Harrassment
Clause 12 - Discrimination

Link to Editors' Code

External resources

All About Trans is an On Road Media project focusing on how the media understands and portrays transgender and/or non-binary people.

Media resources or phone 020 3559 6763

The following organisations may also be able to provide further information, advice and support:

The Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES)
Gendered Intelligence
Press for Change
Scottish Transgender Alliance

Further support

Examining trends in editorial standards in coverage of transgender issues

This research was commissioned by IPSO and undertaken independently by consultancy Mediatique. It provides a quantitative analysis of transgender coverage between 2009-19 and uses key case studies from the period to identify issues which could potentially align with the Editors’ Code. It also includes analysis from 43 interviews with newspaper and magazine editors, publishers, journalists, and groups and individuals from all sides of the debate, on what has potentially impacted on editorial standards.

Mediatique report
IPSO research briefing and response