Who can join?

Membership is open to any organisation of any size that publishes editorial content in the UK or targets a publication at a UK audience. Most of our current members still publish at least partly in print, but online only publications and small publishers are also very welcome.

What are the benefits of IPSO membership?


Be part of the biggest written content regulator in the UK

IPSO is a brand that is increasingly recognised and trusted by the public as a sign of professionally produced content and external accountability. Members can display our mark in their publication or on their website as a sign of quality, trusted, regulated journalism.

Experienced, fair complaints handling

We handle tens of thousands of complaints every year. Our team of experienced complaints officers can help mediate complaints and ensure complainants and publishers get a fair hearing.

Round the clock pre-publication advice

If there is any doubt about a piece you are writing, you can call us and receive non-binding advice on whether a story might breach the Editors’ Code 24-hours a day.

Guidance and specialised training

We have guidance on handling sensitive editorial issues and can also provide bespoke training which explains our complaints process and helps journalists and editors understand our key decisions and how we approach difficult issues. We can also offer specialised training focusing on particular clauses of the Editors’ Code or rulings that a publisher thinks are interesting and relevant to their work.

Low cost alternative to court

For those of our members that want to participate, we have an arbitration scheme that is a low cost alternative to court. National newspapers have chosen to be part part of a compulsory scheme.

What do members have to do?

We have a legal contract with all of our members lasting five years, with an option to renew.

Members of IPSO must agree to follow the Editors’ Code, set up an effective complaints handling process and abide by the decisions of our Complaints Committee. We also require submission of an annual statement which sets out a publishers’ approach to editorial standards, complaints handling, training, and details of any upheld complaints.

How much does it cost?

The Regulatory Funding Company raises a levy on our members to secure our financing to ensure our complete independence from the industry. Fees are calculated on a formula involving readership and financial turnover. Subscriptions for small publishers have always been low.

Find out more

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