Research and analysis

Occasionally, IPSO commissions external research on the reporting of particular topics with the aim of providing further information on a subject if needed or where a contribution can be made to the wider debate around coverage

Examining trends in editorial standards in coverage of transgender issues

This research was commissioned by IPSO and undertaken independently by consultancy Mediatique, who worked with independent consultant Conrad Roeber and QuantSpark. It provides a quantitative analysis of transgender coverage between 2009-19 and uses key case studies from the period to identify issues which could potentially align with the Editors’ Code. It also includes analysis from 43 interviews with newspaper and magazine editors, publishers, journalists, and groups and individuals from all sides of the debate, on what has potentially impacted on editorial standards.

Mediatique Report

A comparison of editorial standards and complaints handling before and after IPSO

This research was undertaken by academics at the Centre for Freedom of the Media at the University of Sheffield for IPSO. It looks at complaints handling across a number of publishers pre and post IPSO, to understand what impact IPSO has had on the quality, speed and prominence of corrections.

Full research report Research briefing: Newspaper corrections faster and more prominent under IPSO

The Covid Report

This report reviews IPSO's response to the pandemic and examines complaints and case studies of Covid reporting which explore key themes of the Editors’ Code. The report also looks at how IPSO’s privacy notice service was used during the period and gives insight into how Covid impacted regulated publishers’ operations.

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