Vision, mission and values


A trusted, thriving, free and responsible press, reinforced by independent, effective regulation.


  • To support those who feel wronged by the press.
  • To uphold the highest professional standards in the UK press.
  • To determine whether standards have been breached and provide redress if so.


  • Independent: IPSO will carry out its work free from control or interference by the press, parliament, interest groups or individuals
  • Bold: IPSO will act without fear or favour
  • Fair: IPSO will reach judgements according to its rules based on the evidence it has gathered and its actions and sanctions will be proportionate
  • Accessible: IPSO will make it as easy as possible to access its services and to engage with it
  • Transparent: IPSO’s work will be in the public domain, ensuring its actions and processes are clear and visible, while fulfilling any duty of confidentiality.