Our broader commitment to press standards includes supporting all of our member publishers, large or small, with bespoke newsroom training on how we apply the Editors’ Code and how to handle complaints effectively for editors, managers and for journalists.

Our training offer provides more information about IPSO, explains our complaints process, and how publishers can cooperate with this, including tips on how to resolve complaints. We also explain key decisions by the Complaints Committee, so that editors and journalists can understand how IPSO approaches difficult issues

We can also offer specialised training, focusing on particular Clauses of the Code, or rulings that the publication thinks are interesting and relevant to their work – whatever amount of training a newsroom requires.

For more information, or to arrange training, contact Vikki Julian, Communications Manager. 

Case study: Martin Wright, Shropshire Star

Since IPSO was established, the way in which complaints are handled has changed comprehensively and our approach is now much more consistent and professional.

However, the Editors’ Code, guidance from IPSO and indeed journalism itself is constantly evolving. To have the opportunity to ask questions of IPSO was extremely valuable and the feedback from those who attended was overwhelmingly positive.

For IPSO to offer this sort of service to publishers – free of charge it should be noted – shows, I believe, the organisation’s commitment to raising journalistic standards. I would strongly recommend other publishers get in touch and take advantage of this excellent service. 

Find out more about training works on the IPSO blog