IPSO publishes Annual Report 2021

The Annual Report 2021 sets out how IPSO has delivered its purpose to protect the public and freedom of expression by upholding high editorial standards

In 2021, IPSO received 14,355 complaints – leading to 461 investigations. 205 of these were resolved between the publisher and complainant, 25 were resolved with IPSO mediation, and 88 complaints were upheld. 

The report sets out how IPSO recognizes the need continually to update and change with the industry. The landscape transformed for publishers and publications in 2021 as the effects on society of the COVID-19 pandemic left their mark. 

IPSO endeavours to strike a balance between the interests of those with justified complaints and helping to protect a free, vigorous but accountable press. 

In 2021, we supported publications by consolidating training and resources for journalists to support high editorial standards. The IPSO Mark offers assurance to the public that a publisher is committed to deliver credible and accountable journalism, underpinned by regulation by IPSO. 

The chairman of IPSO, Lord Edward Faulks KC said: 

“The Annual Report covers the latter stages of the Covid-19 pandemic as it continued to affect the general population well into 2021 and early 2022. We continued to focus on increasing IPSO training and engagement with regulated publishers, promoting media literacy among members of the public, and a greater focus on what IPSO does and is doing to support and protect members of the public when dealing with the press.” 

To download a copy of the 2021 Annual Report, please go to www.ipso.co.uk/monitoring/annual-reports 

Published 12 October 2022