Response to Press Recognition Panel’s annual report

As the Press Recognition Panel is aware, IPSO has not and does not intend to seek recognition under the Royal Charter

IPSO is committed to transparency and publishes detailed information on its website about its work, including searchable copies of all rulings reached by the Complaints Committee, annual statements submitted by publishers, information about its standards monitoring, and regular updates on its responses to matters that arise in the course of its work, including through blogs and press releases. Its annual report includes further information including tables of upheld complaints for all IPSO-regulated publishers and statistics on the outcomes of all complaints received in the prior year. 

Despite this extensive material available in the public domain, the PRP prefers to uncritically present consultation responses it has received from third parties that present an incomplete, and in some instances misleading, picture of IPSO’s work and governance arrangements. 

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Published 23 February 2021