Monitoring FAQs

IPSO considers ‘press standards’ to be the terms of the Editors’ Code, which journalists and Editors’ are expected to follow.

IPSO is committed to supporting Editors and journalists to achieve high standards by providing guidance and resources on particular thematic areas, by giving confidential guidance to journalists and Editors on the Editors’ Code before an article is published an by delivering training to journalists and student journalists about the Editors’ Code.

IPSO is continuing to develop its work in this area.

IPSO monitors press standards by:

  • considering complaints against publications where they may have breached the Editors’ Code
  • assessing annual publisher statements, which set out how publishers approach editorial standards and comply with the Editors’ Code
  • analysing complaints received to identify trends in coverage which may raise standards concerns.

IPSO can undertake a standards investigation to investigate where it has serious concerns about the behaviour or actions of one or more of its members. IPSO’s Board makes the decision about whether or not to launch a standards investigation after looking at information drawn from complaints, the whistleblowing service or members of the public.

IPSO may be able to take forward a complaint made by an individual or group if they believe that an article breaches the Editors’ Code. Complaints are made against specific articles in particular publications. A standards investigation could be launched following a series of complaints against particular publications. However, it is for IPSO’s Board to decide whether or not to launch a standards investigation not members of the public.

If IPSO decides, following a standards investigation, that a publisher has not upheld the expected standards. It can:

  • require a member to publish an adjudication, which may include a requirement to address the concerns raised
  • impose a fine on the member(s) of up to £1 million
  • require the member(s) to pay the reasonable costs of the investigation
  • terminate the members(s) membership of IPSO.