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Making a complaint

IPSO handles complaints about breaches of the Editors' Code of Practice. We operate a new complaints procedure that is designed to achieve speedy and fair resolution of your complaints. We are able to impose new sanctions, including the ability to determine the nature, extent and placement of corrections, when they are necessary in order to remedy a breach of the Editors' Code. The complaints procedure is overseen by the Board, and individual complaints will be adjudicated by the Complaints Committee. Further information about the Complaints Committee, as well as IPSO's Board and staff, can be found here

You can make a complaint to IPSO, and find more information about the complaints process, here

You can download an A4 version of the Editors' Code of Practice here.


If you are experiencing problems with unwanted attention or harassment by journalists, or if you are concerned that a publication intends to publish information that you believe breaches the Editors' Code, IPSO may be able to assist. We offer practical advice and support and act pre-publication to ensure that relevant newspapers or magazines are alerted to your concerns where necessary. Our team is available 24hrs a day to provide emergency support. Please click here for more information or call us to discuss your concerns. 

Journalists’ whistleblowing hotline 

Any journalist that feels they are being pressured to act in a way that is not in line with the Editors' Code and would like to register their concerns or seek advice can call IPSO on 0300 123 2220 and speak in confidence to a member of IPSO staff or they can contact IPSO's Chief Executive, Matt Tee, directly on matt.tee@ipso.co.uk

About IPSO

IPSO is the independent regulator for the newspaper and magazine industry in the UK. We uphold the highest standards of journalism by monitoring and maintaining the standards set out in the Editors' Code of Practice, and provide support and redress for individuals seeking to complain about breaches of the Code. IPSO is committed to working with the newspaper and magazine industry to maintain and enhance the freedom and authority of the press through effective, independent regulation. 

IPSO was launched on 8 September 2014 and is continuing to build the new standards-raising functions that will enable us to implement the full system of independent regulation that the newspaper and magazine industry has agreed to establish and support. If you have any questions about IPSO, our work, or how we can help that are not answered on this site, then please call us on: 0300 123 2220.