Our Corporate Strategy

2023 to 2028

Our corporate strategy, which covers the years 2023 to 2028, explains how we will deliver our core purpose of protecting the public and freedom of expression.  

Our aim is that independent regulation by IPSO is a mark of credible and accountable journalism. 

Our purpose is to protect the public and freedom of expression by upholding high editorial standards.

By protecting the public, we also protect freedom of expression, because we demonstrate that the press can uphold high standards without the need for further measures that would undermine press freedom.


“This strategy will help IPSO protect the public interest by promoting high quality journalism and defend the public when editorial standards fall short.”  

Charlotte Dewar, Chief Executive


Charlotte Dewar, IPSO Chief Executive

Charlotte Dewar, IPSO Chief Executive

Over the next five years, we will consolidate our position as the authoritative press regulator of the UK newspaper, magazine and digital news industry.

To do this in an ever-changing and increasingly complex environment, we must act proportionately and flexibly so that we can tailor our approach to uphold high editorial standards.

We must further build understanding of what we do and use our knowledge and expertise to promote engagement about press standards issues.

And to do all of this, we will use our resources carefully in ways that maximise our impact.