What is IPSO arbitration?

IPSO arbitration is currently being run as a pilot scheme. It started  on 26 July 2016 and is expected to run for 12 months. The pilot provides a cost-effective process for resolving legal claims against the press. During this process a barrister will be appointed to act as an arbitrator (judge) for the claim. The arbitrator's rulings will be binding on both you (the claimant) and the publisher, and will provide a final determination on the dispute.

How do I arbitrate?

In order to use the scheme, both you and the publisher must agree to arbitrate your claim. If the publisher agrees, you will both be required to pay fees towards the cost of the arbitration. You may agree to arbitrate directly with the publisher without first coming to IPSO. Alternatively, you can invite the publisher to arbitrate your claim through IPSO by using the inquiry form.

IPSO cannot provide legal advice to you in relation to your claim or how your claim might be arbitrated under the scheme. Any general information given on the operation of the pilot scheme is not legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. You should therefore consider seeking legal advice before making a claim under the scheme.

Download a summary of the pilot scheme
Download the rules of the scheme

What types of claim can be arbitrated under the pilot scheme?


A claim is started upon you submitting a completed Claim Form or upon either party submitting an Arbitration Agreement which has been signed by you and the publisher.

Claims which are brought by a third party, have already been ruled upon by the Court or which seek to prevent the publication of material via a pre-publication injunction cannot be brought under the pilot scheme. A claim under the scheme cannot be pursued at the same time as a complaint under the Editors' Code of Practice.

Beginning the process

If you would like to invite a publisher to arbitrate a claim under the scheme via IPSO please read the information in this section, download and complete the inquiry form and submit it to