Response to the Kerslake Review of the Manchester Arena Terrorist Attack

Commenting on the Kerslake Review, Matt Tee, Chief Executive of the Independent Press Standards Organisation said:

“The press has a narrow path to tread between reporting accurately and sympathetically on tragedies on the public’s behalf and respecting the feelings of those most directly affected. It is clear that the behaviour of some, but by no means all of the media, added to the distress experienced by some families of victims.

The Editors’ Code – the set of rules that IPSO members must follow – requires journalists to approach bereaved family members with sympathy and discretion, to ensure their reports are accurate and to respect people’s privacy and stop their approaches when asked to do so.

I have read the recommendations made by Lord Kerslake in his report and we will be looking at what more we can do to support victims, families and the agencies that work with them as well as making sure that IPSO-regulated publishers are aware of their obligations and responsibilities under the Editors’ Code of Practice.”