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Episode 1: Social media, newspapers and the public 

What are the rules around reporting things from social media and where can people go when things go wrong? Join IPSO, the regulator of the majority of the UK's media, for a discussion of how social media has fundamentally changed the journalistic landscape with Head of Standards Charlotte Urwin and Standards Officer Liam Tedds.

Episode 2: Photography

How do newspapers use photography? What are the rules and what happens when they get broken? Join IPSO, the regulator of the majority of the UK's media, for a discussion about some of the challenges with Head of Complaints Bianca Strohmann. 

Episode 3: Reporting on major incidents and responding to the Kerslake Review

Chief Exec Matt Tee discusses IPSO's response to the review of the Manchester attack as well as the challenges of reporting from major incidents, including where people can go for help if they are experiencing press intrusion.

Episode 4: Reporting Brexit

We take a look at stats, complaints and monitoring of the reporting of the Brexit referendum, with IPSO's Director of Operations Charlotte Dewar and Head of Standards Charlotte Urwin.

Episode 5: A short history of press regulation

A journey through the history of press regulation, from the 14th Century to Leveson, with Senior Complaints Officer Hugo Wallis. What can we learn from the past and what implications does it have for regulation today and in the future?

Episode 6: Compulsory arbitration

Find out how to make legal claims against the press quickly, cheaply and effectively with IPSO's arbitration scheme, which is now compulsory for our regulated national newspapers. Complaints and Arbitration Officer Madeline Palacz explains the benefits and how it all works.

Episode 7: Opinion Pieces

What are the rules around opinion pieces in newspapers and magazines? Senior Complaints Officer Holly Pick and Complaints Officer John Buckingham discuss what can and can't be done plus some key IPSO rulings including Allardyce v The Telegraph.

Episode 8: Reporting sexual offences

What are the rules on reporting on sexual offences? Head of Standards Charlotte Urwin talks about how journalists might approach reporting, plus advises survivors on what to expect if they chose to speak to the media.